Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ya know how you'll get some advice from someone and while you KNOW it's good advice, you think "Ah, that'll never happen to me."?  Have you ever had that happen?  Me too. 

And after the day I've had today, I'm gonna start actually FOLLOWING people's good advice a bit more often.   I'm also going to pass along the advice I myself didn't take.

DO NOT let your babies, toddlers, or small children near a fireplace.  Whether it's wood burning, gas burning, or you're burning your old teddy bears - it's NOT cool to let them near one when it's on.  In fact, it's so not cool that it's BURNING HOT. 

It's SO important to follow this advice because one minute you might be on your way out the door to start a meeting, and 30 seconds later you're holding your screaming childs hands under running water for 20 minutes.  Then a full day at a burn center to treat 2nd degree burns on the palms of their hands... which of course will be followed up by a 2nd appointment tomorrow.  Oh yeah, and 2 weeks of a 1 year old having his hands splinted and wrapped.  Yes - NO use of his poor little baby hands for 2 weeks. 

So.  Listen up.  And FOLLOW the good sound advice when  you hear it. 

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