Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tis the season...

I want all of you to grow up with a love of all seasons.  You guys have so much to look forward to month after month... and God has such an amazing seasonal timeline - when you think about it, you really can see what I mean.

Springtime brings these wonderful shades of green.  Yes, there is green in summer, and even some in the fall -  but spring green is new.  It's vibrant, bright, brilliant at times.  There are the white raspberry blooms and the lilacs, and there will be so many of your very own favorites to add to my list.  Spring is the time for new beginnings - much like the new beginning that Easter itself celebrates. 

Summer should be a 3 month vacation for everyone.  I truly hope you all work hard enough to take summers off.  Yes... I'm a big dreamer... lol.  Seriously though - summers are lazy.  I've often joked that nobody should work during the summer... and that nobody really does work during the summer anyways.  It's lakes, pools, walks, flowers, weddings, and suntans.  All week long.  I hope some of you love the humidity like I do - to walk outside and feel your skin being wrapped in warm air.  I hope when you're adults, you sometimes sleep with the window open on those hottest nights and remember that I love nights like that so much.  It's the season to spend 3 hours and 2 beers mowing the lawn - and the season to spend an hour sitting on the lawnmower when finished admiring your work and dreaming.  Always be dreaming. 

Fall...  Fall is a time for preparation for the winter to come.  It's a time for chili, and bonfires and hot chocolate.  It's time to change your iced coffees for hot mochas - and wear sweatshirts everyday.  In the fall, I like to get a months worth of groceries and stock up on everything we might need - so I don't have to spend any extra time at the store.  In fact, I don't care much for shopping at all anymore.  It just takes up time.  Fall is leaves, and cornstalks, and hay bales, and pumpkins.  It's the start of the most amazing season of all.... 

Christmas.  None of you expected me to write "winter", did you?  I thought not.  Christmas is November 1st through the first week of January.  It's family.  And Family is those who love you.  And love is wanting peace, health, comfort, joy, family, and happiness for you.  Love is wanting what's best for you.  And Christmas is the season we celebrate the love we share for each other just as God shared what he loved most of all with us.  I hope you are all blessed to share your homes with all your family during this season.  I hope you all have unexpected guests throughout this season... unplanned family dinners... nights spent with your family just being together.  And speaking of Christmas - you all need to remember that a gift is something you want to share with someone - something YOU want a person to have.  A present is something they want for themselves.  Gifts are so much nicer. 

January & February are extra months God gave us to prepare for the rest of the year.  I specifically use January to Christmas shop for the following Christmas season.   :-)  Just how I roll.... lol

And that is what I hope you take from me in regard to the seasons. 

I love you all through all the seasons and hope to have a hundred MORE seasons spent with all of us together!  I'm sorry I have to work so hard right now, but so much needs to be put in place to take care of you all.  I think it will be better this way - and know there will come a time soon when I get to be home with you so much more often.  And for that reason - I can't wait!!

I love you!


Mom, Me, Yours. 

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