Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank you.

 I don't think people say "Thank You" nearly enough.  Myself included. 

And sometimes - I think people don't realize there's a limit on how much time one has to say those words. 

You only have your "Forever".  Only so many minutes, hours, and days on earth.  And sure... it's not likely you or I will be missing from earth anytime in the next 24 hours - but life sure can turn on a dime. 

So - with that... 


To my children.  What I've taught you dwarfs what you've taught me.  My life wouldn't be MY LIFE without any one of you.  I love our family because of you all - and am so incredibly blessed to have been entrusted by God to care for you as your Mom.  Thank you for all the laughs and the hugs - the slobbery baby kisses and the best hugs I've ever had.  Thank you all for the 2am feedings, the afternoon naps, the spit-up, and every single one of the million diaper changes I've spent with you.  Even today, knowing my last baby isn't a baby anymore and knowing I'll never need to buy another bottle, I'm sad that chapter is done.  It went too fast and I want it all back. 


To You.  I'm so thankful and happy to have found you.  I'm glad I stayed when I wasn't so sure.  Thank you for loving us ALL - for taking care of us all.  For being my Rock.  For being the head of our household.  Thank you for working hard, for letting me sleep in, for taking me out, for loving me and making me laugh even when I'm mad.  Thank you for rules & discipline for our children.  Thank you for keeping me warm every single night and for letting me have too many blankets on our bed.  I'm sorry I'm a freeze chicken.  Thank you for thanking me as often as you have.  I loved it and because of you, I know how important it really is to say those words.  Seriously... even when it's leftovers for the third night in a row - you always complimented dinner.  Wow.  Thank you for knowing the difference between a gift & a present - and for the life I have today.  Thank you for US. 


To my family.  To those of you who have come to belong in my family.  I love you all and cannot wait to spend many hours with you in the coming days.  

This by no means covers everyone or everything - but it's my start.  I'm off to buy some Thank You cards today and will be writing in lots of them.

Who will you remember to thank today?   Who do you owe a thank you to from the past? 

 I love you guys so SO much today! 


Mom, Me, Yours

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